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Domestic Violence

Family Law is the branch of legal practice that corresponds to issues relating to inter-family relations, which cover a broad branch of subjects. These can range from child custody, domestic abuse, adoption, divorce, and more. A family law lawyer aids individuals in providing them with legal counsel and drafting the paperwork necessary or negotiating with the other party. 

San Mateo County comes in the jurisdiction of California Family Laws which the legal process also has to take into account when going forward with proceedings. Local family law attorneys in San Mateo, CA, tend to have a better understanding of the nuances of local law.

Why Would I Need A Family Law Attorney?

A commonly misconstrued opinion is that family law attorneys only deal in matters related to divorce. While divorce cases generally overwhelm other issues, all local family law attorneys also deal with different cases, these include:

  • Adoption: Adoption can quickly turn into a complex process if there have been counts of domestic abuse, an ongoing criminal investigation or if there’s a difference in state laws. A family law attorney is of definite help in these cases. However, fostering/adoption does not always need representation.
  • Divorce: The most common cause. Attorneys draft up a settlement plan from both sides to avoid going to court. Generally, lawyers are experienced at dividing property between two spouses and include terms for child visitation and support if needed.
  • Custody: Generally an extension to a divorce case, custody might be altered due to changing conditions from the current custodian’s site. This may include abuse, manipulation, and the inability to support the child financially. 
  • Paternity: Most commonly done by the mother to secure child support from a father who is absent, it can also be done by fathers who wish to maintain a relationship with their child or file for complete custody. These cases generally involve DNA testing.

What Does A Family Law Lawyer Do?

A local family law attorney is an expert on all the issues mentioned above. Surprisingly, some may not even tackle cases related to divorce and maybe specialized in other categories like emancipation, paternity, partnership dissolution, or adoption. 

Family Law in San Mateo covers a comprehensive spectrum, and having a skilled legal practitioner by your side can make all the difference. It is the same as any other county in California. Since all matters related to this branch are so intertwined in your life, having an understanding attorney by your side ensures that you and your loved ones are adequately represented, and there aren’t any unnecessary delays during the due legal process.

Moreover, a family law attorney does more than just represent you in court. They draft up crucial legal paperwork, court petitions, property agreements, and much more. As mentioned earlier, they also reach settlements with the opposing party and try to avoid going to court as much as possible.

Lastly, a lawyer also acts as counsel. They can provide you with unsolicited legal advice as to whether a case is worth pursuing or not and give you a realistic expectation of what you can expect once you file it. 


A Family Law Lawyer is a pivotal part of the judicial system of the United States. They help their clients understand the broader aspects of family law while also aiding them by providing them with legal counsel and representing their family if needed as well. 

In all matters of family law, having a local attorney is recommended as these matters are primarily sensitive. Having someone guide you throughout the way can help you and your family feel at ease and not succumb to undue stress or anxiety.