We coordinate the filing of documents, payment of fees and calendaring of cases involving guardianships (where someone other than the parent cares for the child), and compromises of minors’ claims (when a minor has inherited money).


Initial Petition Documents:

  • Petition for Probate
  • Notice of Petition to Administer Estate
  • If there is a Will, the Original must be Lodged with the Court prior to the hearing date.

Please submit the Order for Probate and copies at least 7 days prior to the hearing date, along with a self-stamped addressed envelope if you want a copy of your Order sent to you.

The following forms are required prior to the issuance of Letters:

  • Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative
  • Confidential Statement of Birth Date & Driver’s License Number
  • Request for Appointment of California Probate Referee (local form)
  • Bond (if specified on the Order)
  • Letters

Initial Petition/Documents

  • Notice of Hearing for Conservatorship
  • Petition for Appointment of Probate Conservator
  • Citation for Conservatorship
  • Confidential Supplemental Information Form
  • Confidential Conservator Screening Form (Not required for Private Professionals)
  • Duties of Conservator (Not required for Private Professionals)
  • Conservatee’s Information & List of Relatives *Confidential* (Local Court Form)
  • Capacity Declaration- Form GC335A Dementia Attachment to Capacity Declaration-Conservatorship
  • Ex Parte Application For Order Authorizing Completion of Capacity Declaration-HIPAA (if necessary)
  • Ex Parte Order RE Completion of Capacity Declaration-HIPAA (if necessary)
  • Ex Parte Order Authorizing Disclosure of (Proposed) Conservatee’s Health Info.
  • If seeking a Dementia Finding:
    • Form GC313: Attachment Requesting Special Orders Regarding Dementia (Petition for Appointment of Probate Conservator or Exclusive Authority to Give Consent for Medical Treatment)

IMPORTANT: On initial filings only – the clerk will retain the Original and two (2) copies of every document (copies are sent to the Court Investigator). Please make sure the documents for the Court are two-hole punched. The original of each document should be on top and copies of that document beneath it.

Upon Appointment

  • Order Appointing Probate Conservator
  • Request for Probate Referee
  • Bond – if it is stated on the Order Appointing Conservator
  • Letters of Conservatorship

Subsequent Filings – Accounting Documents

  • Accounting
  • Notice of Hearing
  • Confidential Status Report (Required by Local Court Rule; Local Court Form)
  • Conservatee’s Information & List of Relatives *Confidential* (Local Court Form)
  • Order Appointing Court Investigator

Note: When filing all Subsequent documents on Conservatorships, the clerk will retain the original and one copy.