Access Your Traffic Ticket/Citation Online

As of June 20th, 2016, the San Mateo Superior Court has replaced its traffic citation system. Before proceeding to the self-service traffic citation payment system by clicking on the link below, there are a few items we would like you to know:

Converted Fine Amounts

  • For certain traffic cases, the court was unable to convert the financial information from our previous case management to our new case management system for cases where no payment had been made. If the amount the traffic payment website displays is different from what was sent on your notice from the court, please go to the following link ( and email the court traffic division. Please do not pay an amount that differs from the amount sent on your Notice of Bail from the court.
  • For certain cases with multiple charges, the court was unable to convert the financial information from our previous case management to our new case management system. These cases may not show in the traffic citation payment website. If you are unable to locate your case with multiple charges on the traffic citation payment website, please go to the following link and notify the court. We will then manually convert the financial information to your case.

General Citation Information:

  • A citation must be submitted to the court from the police agency and data entered into the court’s case management system before it will appear on this site. So, if you recently received your citation and cannot locate it in the court’s system, it is likely we have yet to receive it from the police agency. Please allow at least 21 days from the date you were issued the citation.
  • After a citation has been entered into the court’s system, we will generate and mail a courtesy notice within 5 days to the address indicated on the citation.

Traffic School Information:

  • If you are eligible for and request to attend traffic school you must pay the total bail amount due on your citation plus an additional non-refundable administrative fee of $49.00. The traffic school you choose will charge you a separate registration fee when you enroll.
  • If you appear in court and traffic school was granted and you are given time to pay your fine, the court will mail to you paperwork that will include a list of traffic schools and your completion due date.
  • Individuals making payments online and requesting traffic school will need to visit our website at for a list of approved traffic schools.
  • The court does not enroll individuals in traffic school that is the responsibility of the individual.

Financial Related Information:

  • The Court will issue refunds by check.
  • Credit card transaction fees are NOT refundable.