First of all, it is very essential to know about small claims courts in @state. So here or go on the term comes to small claims court so, basically, it is a part of the New York city civil court and it would definitely help you out to sue or be sued up to $10,000.  Therefore, all such small claims services can be claimed in these Monterey County, Small Claims Court in California.

Small Claims Сourt in California

As well as, if you want to sue to collect money in justice court so, the main thing is you would be the demandant or plaintiff. In the meantime of settling your case in small claims court, the judge cannot order anyone to do something or stop doing something. Because if he can do something, he can allow paying money as well. 

Furthermore, for more information, there is a limited jurisdiction to hear all such civil cases. As well as these civil cases are between private litigants that small claims courts have. Along with this, there are multiple benefits of a small claims court as well as if it is completely inexpensive as for applying for all such claims there would not be any requirement of hiring a lawyer and evidentiary. 

Moreover, all procedural rules are completely relaxed. So, there is no need to worry about anything. Including all these procedures in county or magistrates court, all small claims can be adjusted in small amount court.

What Are Small Claims in Monterey County,?

If talk about the small claims in the county, basically this is a special part of the court and there would not be any requirement of hiring a lawyer for suing your money. Along with this, you must know the eligibility to see you in small claims court with all procedures and better translation.

So, here we are letting you know that anyone 18 years of age or more than that would be eligible to sue. But in case not having the eligibility criteria means not being 18 years so, there can be your guardians or your parents who cannot take responsibility to sue on your behalf. because there will be only an individual who can directly sue in a small claims court. 

Along with this, the claimant will be the person who will be starting the case and the defendant will be the one who is suing the case. For more information, if you are related to corporations, associations, or assignees, as well as if you have any type of partnership so, you won’t be eligible to sue in our small claims court. 

Here are some examples of common Small Claims cases:

Here given such examples can give you a complete idea of all those common small claims cases for which you can easily claim. 

  1. If there is a condition that your former landlord is completely refusing to return your security deposit. 
  2. If you have bought a new television and it is getting trouble and the service provider or the store is not fixing it.
  3. Furthermore, when your fender is being ruined by someone or he has made some dents on it and he is completely refusing to pay for its repair. 

So, these are some examples that cannot give you an explicit idea that in which situation you cannot claim such cases in a small cases court.

What types of cases are handled in small claims court?

Likewise, there are different types of cases that are handled in small claims court and it is necessary to know about all those cases that will help you because if you are aware of all those cases then definitely it would be good for you that you can take a quick action for filing your petition in the small claims court to get the reasonable claim for your loss. 

  • If there is any Breach of contract disputes.
  • Moreover, if any dog bites you so it becomes a Personal injury claim
  • Know when there are any obligations related to the Collection of debts or loan repayments.
  • Along with this, so if so your car has got damaged by any other person so this comes under Professional negligence claims 
  • It is explicitly explained if your renter is not behaving well or not returning your personal property or any deposit 

Hence these are the types of cases that come under small claims so, you can proceed according to your situation that what has happened with you, and for what you need your claim. 

How much are small claims court fees in Monterey County,?

Now the point comes that how much you would be needed to pay in Monterey County, Small Claims Court in California. Yes, this below-given table will give you complete information regarding the “fees and all payment options that are valid and considerable to pay the fees. 

What is the lowest amount for small claims court?

Well if you want to know the lowest amount for small claims court so, it would be between $25-$50. As well as, there is no limit to when you are actually sowing for someone. And it can be considerable or you can now conveniently sue for any amount in the court. 

Do I need a lawyer for a small claims court in Monterey County,?

Well, there would not be any need of hiring a lawyer, if you want to sue in small claims court for such small claims. But remember that you cannot sue to make someone suffer or for any pain as well as you should be eligible for showing and other eligibility ages of 18 years or more than that. 


Hence, Monterey County, Small Claims Court in California is the way that can explicitly provide you the benefit of getting your issue resolved and your claim settled without a lawyer. As well as, you can do the payment to sue as the complete list of fees has been mentioned above. 

For more information, you can ask us about small claim courts.